The Epsilon platform is a modern solution to carrying out computerized examinations with selected tests offered by the Laboratory. The Epsilon has been tailored to the needs of our clients - psychologists who want to perform computerized examinations in a reliable, safe, and simple way. Thanks to the up-to-date technology and highest standards, we can offer a practical and ergonomic solution.

The Epsilon platform enables to:

  • Use well-known tools offered by the Laboratory;
  • Build up the database of examinees;
  • Perform user-friendly computerized examinations;
  • Creating examination reports;
  • Export of numerical data in .csv format.


First of all, in order to use the Epsilon platform, one has to buy licenses for performing examinations with selected tests. One license code purchased in the bookstore contains information about the whole order. The tests attached to a specific license can be verified using the „verify” button in the registration form (for new users), or in the bookmark „list of licenses” (for already registered users).

In order to register on the Epsilon platform please enter the site http://epsilon.practest.com.pl and fill out the registration form.

The first step is to enter the examinee into the database. The examinees can be registered using name and last name, or anonymously (with an assigned ID). The next step is to link the selected test with the examinee.

The examination does not need to be performed at once. The psychologist can add many examinees earlier, assign examinations to them, whereas the examinations proper can take place on the same day, at another place, using other computer. This enables to conveniently plan the task.


The platform generates comprehensive reports including:

  • Information about the time needed by the examinee to complete the whole test;
  • Information about the response time per item;
  • Response sheet of the examinee;
  • Raw scores;
  • Transformed scores;
  • Automatically generated interpretations of scores suitable to be modified by the user in any way.

The reports can be edited by the user, saved on the hard drive as pdf files, and printed out.


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