Erich Mittnecker, Walter Toman
Polish adaptation:
Elżbieta Renata Dajek (1993)
Adolescents, adults
Individual or group administration; no time limit; approximately 45 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

The O-Z Test is a multidimensional inventory designed to measure personality features as well as interests. 

Personality scales: self-criticism – lack of self-criticism; social attitude – asocial attitude; extraversion – intraversion; non-neurotical – neurotical; non-manic – manic; non-depressive – depressive; non-schizoid – schizoid; non-paranoid – paranoid; vegetatively stable – vegetatively unstable.

Interests scales: passion for village life – passion for city life; artisan and scientific interests; interest in accounting and administration; skill of intercoursing with other people in stores and restaurants; interest in arts, languages, literature, music; social professions.   

DESCRIPTION: The test has a form of booklet including 214 statements (of which 120 refer to personality and 94 to interests) which an examinee is supposed to rate on the special answer sheet.

RELIABILITY: moderately high absolute stability

VALIDITY: diagnostic validity was checked

NORMS: for primary school students of the VIII, III and IV grades (Warsaw youth)

APPLICABILITY: in career counseling


  • Questionnaire (in booklet form)
  • Answer sheets (50 cop.)     

*The test has been published by ERDA Publishers.

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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