J.C. Raven
Polish standardization and manual:
Aleksandra Jaworowska, Teresa Szustrowa (2000)
Children (from 6 years of age), adolescents, adults
Individual or group administration, no time limit, approx. 35 min
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

The test measures general intelligence, understood as fluid intelligence.

DESCRIPTION: The SPM-C consists of 60 items divided into five Series (A, B, C, D, E), each comprising 12 items. Each item consists of an incomplete pattern (matrix) and the subject is requested to find the missing bit out of the six pieces shown beneath the matrix.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency and stability.

VALIDITY: Significant correlations with school grades and WISC-R scores for children and adolescents.

NORMS: For children and adolescents aged 6-16; for adults over 16 years of age (Polish national samples).

APPLICATIONS: Primarily for selective purposes in child, adolescents and adult populations representing an average level of intelligence.


•    Kit (manual with Polish normalization, set of two original manuals, 5 test booklets, scoring key, 25 answer sheets)
•    Manual with Polish normalization to all SPM versions
•    Manual for Raven’s Progressive Matrices. 1 General Overview
•    Manual for Raven’s Progressive Matrices. 3 Standard Progressive Matrices
•    Test booklets (5 copies)
•    Answer sheets (25 copies)
•    Scoring key



Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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