Team of the Psychological Test Laboratory
Anna Matczak, Aleksandra Jaworowska, Katarzyna Martowska
Adults, adolescents
Individual or group administration; test time: 12–15 min.
Test users:
Psychologists (MA in psychology required)
C – for psychologists only

A practical test enabling to quickly get a general view of the crystallized intelligence level. The perfect addition to Raven’s Matrices or Cattell’s Culture Fair “g” Test.

The TRS-S version, the simpler one – is intended for the general population, the TRS-Z version, the more difficult one - for people with above average intelligence.

DESCRIPTION: The test measures vocabulary which can be understood as an indicator of verbal skills and general intelligence. The tasks are closed and consist in indicating synonyms of given words-stimuli. The S version consists of 32 tasks, the Z version – 30.

RELIABILITY: High internal consistency and stability indices for both test versions.

VALIDITY: Confirmed for both versions by correlations with scores of fluid intelligence tests and scores of verbal skills test. In case of the Z version, there are confirmed correlations with other crystallized intelligence measures and language interests, and an increase of scores  with the age and education level.   

NORMS: Standard ten, TRS-S for persons aged 20-60, TRS-Z separately for three age groups of examinees: high school students, undergraduates and graduates.

APPLICATIONS: Test scores are a good measure of verbal skills representing crystallized intelligence. These skills are a relevant indicator of functioning in the areas requiring good command over verbal material and efficiency in communicating verbally with others. It can, consequently, be used especially in the school and job counseling, as an instrument in the selection process, it is useful in prognosing job efficacy of employees and assessing their development potential.

•    Kit – advanced (manual, 25 sheets of TRS-Z, TRS-Z scoring key)
•    Kit – total (manual for both versions, 25 sheets of TRS-S, TRS-S scoring key, 25 sheets of TRS-Z, TRS-Z scoring key)
•    Kit - standard (manual, 25 sheets of TRS-S, TRS-S scoring key)
•    TRS-Z – scoring key
•    TRS-Z-set of sheets (25 copies)
•    TRS-S - scoring key
•    TRS-S - set of sheets (25 copies)
•    TRS - manual for Version S & Version Z

Please note: All of our tests are published in Polish. There are not available other language versions of our tools.

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